Club armchairs

A club armchair is a traditionally leather armchair, which combines sleek lines, comfort, durability and luxury. It is a furniture typical of Art Deco (years 1920-30). Originally French, this piece of furniture was initially known as "comfortable armchair", being the opposite of a chair less wrapped and straighter (and therefore less comfortable). Its current name probably stems from its use in the English and French gentleman's clubs of the 1930s, clubs reserved exclusively for men, where it was often used to furnish reception rooms and salons.

Since then, this armchair, which has become a classic and timeless piece of furniture, has gone out of the clubs and entered the salons of all those who are looking for comfort while maintaining simple and refined shapes, longevity and luxury.

Made by hand and made to last in time, each armchair is a unique piece, with high sentimental value, worthy to be passed on to the next generation

Club Sofas

Enthralled by the timeless and classical charm of club or art deco sofas, their comfort and the appearance of durability and durability of leather, we started our activity and founded the leather workshop in 1993 with the aim of giving life back To “patients” among these exceptional furniture.

Antique fairs

Are you looking for vintage antique lounges to beautify your living room? Here we offer sets of sofas and armchairs according to arrivals.

Art Deco

Art Deco is the abbreviation of Decorative Art and is an artistic movement of architecture-decoration of world nature. It was born in the 1910s, reached its peak in the 1920s and began its decline in the 1930s.
This style concerns architecture, but above all interior architecture: stained-glass windows, paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture and home accessories such as lamps, goldsmiths, typography and others.
The Art Deco style is defined by geometry, order, colors.
The Art Deco-style furnishings have sleek lines, often luxuriously decorated.

Depending on availability, we offer renovated and restored Art Deco furniture.

Vintage furniture

Originally used to denominate wines and especially Portos vintages, since the 1980s, the term “vintage” has been used in French in the sense of “retro” to designate furniture, accessories or vintage clothes.

We suggest you, depending on the availability of vintage furniture from previous decades, from the 1920s to the 1980s.